Especially for early-stage investments we place value on outstanding management that blazes new trails well off the beaten path.

The financing of market leaders is a shared journey involving several stages. It is a journey in which we work with established financial investors, acting as the lead or co-investor.

Our typical investment is between 50k and 2 million euros.

We identify opportunities, build companies and retain ownership over time.

Our primary focus is on building proven, transaction-based business models in the online and mobile space. We are however not limited by such parameters and seize other attractive opportunities whenever they arise.

Established in 1999 in Brussels, Belgium, the company is now headquatered in Luxembourg.

Some companies we support :

» B central
» Giant Swarm
» Ticketrunner
» Bootshaus
» F district
» Spleen international


SN Invests
Rue Fort Wallis, 4
Luxembourg 2714