Fabian Thylmann


Fabian Thylmann started his career as programmer right out of school in 1997, starting his first company focusing on statistical analysis and high traffic websites.

Through his own projects as well as working for multiple companies, he began to notice the inefficiencies in their technical setups and thus, in 2007, started buying up companies first in Europe, then in the US, drastically increasing their profitability quickly.

Within just 5 years, he built the biggest adult entertainment company in the world, Manwin, supported by a Wall Street Credit.


Fabian Thylmann built Manwin, the biggest adult entertainment company in the world, from 2007 to 2013 via a strong mergers & acquisitions campaign focusing on high profile, high traffic, high revenue websites and businesses to exploit the content.

With offices in 5 countries, over 1200 employees and serving over 65 million unique visitors a day, its reach and size surpassed everything previously known in the industry.

He sold Manwin to the management in 2013 after expanding it to 1200+ employees in 7 locations around the globe in order to focus on new ideas and challenges in other business fields.

SN Invests

He now focuses on investing in startups, in many different verticals, both online and offline, looking for fun projects to support and coach.

STATSnet BVBA, under the brand SN Invests, is a small investment company helping startups get their early life right and think big. With a team of 5, they brainstorm with prospects about their problems and opportunities, focussing on adding value as a mentor independently from a possible investment.

Today Fabian lives in Brussels, Belgium from where he runs a 1000m2 Co-Working space called  SN Cube and the he Social Photos app Frontback.